Kill Silas, lower the vial, bring Kol back and ship him to New Orleans!
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TVD thoughts about Kol dying.

I loved Kol from the first time he apperared on the show.
Simply because his way of being a vampire was so different from the other vamps in Mysitic Falls. He symbolized the hardcore, evil, vicious(and sexy) part of the stereotype vampire. I LOVED it!

When he came back to the show I was exstatic. TVD needed a badass vampire who wasn’t a lovesick fool. We didn’t know anything about Kol, he just seemed like a breath of fresh air. He could have been the tough crazy vampire of TVD. Instead they killed him off before he truly became a part of it.  Which is so sad. They could have thrown him in the tomb or something!

I truly hope the writers bring him back somehow or find a way to make the show more interesting again. Things are so predictable at the moment, it’s sad.

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OK. I’m gonna go hand in my project..

Then go home and write on a few chapters for my fanfic.

Gash, having internet back is awesomeeeee. :)

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